Black Women Business Talks

Tuesday 26th October  |  6pm – 9.30pm

The Black Women Business Talks will offer Black women a space to learn effective growth strategies for business development and career success. With interactive talks and group discussions led by stand-out business women and senior leaders, this event will offer you practical advice and insights on how to be your best authentic self as a Black woman in industry, lead in whatever capacity you find yourself in and create success on your own terms.

This is one you do not want to miss. There will be a chance to network with speakers, business leaders and industry professionals, following the event.

Who is this for?
We invite all Black Women who would like to develop, be inspired, and have real, honest and open discussions in an environment that supports learning and growth.


Sharmadean Reid MBE

Entrepreneur, Founder of WAH London & Beautystack

Bianca Miller Cole

Entrepreneur, Personal Brand Expert, Mentor & Author

Kike Oniwinde

Founder & CEO BYP Network

Kubi Springer



6:00 – 6:45   |   Registration and Networking

6:45 – 6:50   |   Welcome and Introduction

6:55 7:30   |  YOUR seat at the table!
{Professionals Panel}

Climbing the corporate ladder is hard enough but once you’ve reached the higher echelons of the corporate hierarchy, how to ensure your voice is being heard and you’re making a strong impact without diluting your beliefs or authenticity as a successful Black woman?
In this session we will hear from leading lights across various industries who will share their experiences in corporate leadership and provide practical insights on how to maximise career progression YOUR way!

7:35 8:15   |   Become a business hero: How to leverage your superpower!
{Entrepreneurs Panel}

Black women have some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial minds in business.

Our esteemed panel of business leaders will demonstrate through their own personal journeys just how they have leveraged their unique powers and position in industry to elevate their businesses to the next level.

Sharmadean Reid MBE, Entrepreneur, Founder of WAH London & Beautystack

Bianca Miller Cole, Entrepreneur, Personal Brand Expert, Mentor & Author

Kike Oniwinde, Founder & CEO BYP Network

Kubi Springer, Founder, SheBuildsBrands

8:15 8:35   |   Networking Break

7:35 8:15   |   Brand: You
{Keynote Address} *Includes 10 minutes Q&A

Making the most out of limited resources will be a familiar situation to most budding entrepreneurs and industry professionals. In this session our keynote speaker will explore one of the most undervalued resources in business; YOU.

Personal brand is one of your biggest assets and this session will highlight some of the most practical ways to leverage this, helping you advance to your business milestones quicker than ever!

9:20 9:30   |   Closing Remarks


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